News: Watch the Smartest Mouse In the World Kick Maze Ass

Watch the Smartest Mouse In the World Kick Maze Ass

Meet YouTube user kittenandtiger, the mysterious Austrian mouse whisperer. Master of mouse training site Mouse Agility, kittenandtiger has had a love for rodents since a very young age:

"When I was a child I discovered a small mouse population in our barn, and since then I sat there every single evening - dead still for hours - just to study the mice from up close. After a time, one mouse after another overcame its shyness with me, and soon there were these wild animals sitting on my shoulder, crawling under my sleeves and trouser legs, nibbling my hair and shoelaces.

From this moment on I was fatally attracted to these little rodents and was very proud of such people-shy animals having so much trust in me."

Watch the Smartest Mouse In the World Kick Maze Ass

Meet Brain Storm. Not only is he the smartest mouse in the world, but he may also be the cutest.

The video below is magical. Brain Storm masters kittenandtiger's agility course like it's a piece of cake. The best part takes place at 1:12, when the mouse slips through multiple coffee cup handles. (How does he know he's supposed to do that?!)

How does Brain Storm work his magic? Incredibly, kittenandtiger reports that the mouse was trained for only one week before the video was made. Check out her tutorials below, as well as FAQ information on her site to learn more.

(1) Mouse Clicker Training Part I, (2) Mouse Clicker Training Part II, (3) Mouse Clicker Training Part III

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