How To: Train Your Pet Rat to Play Basketball

Train Your Pet Rat to Play Basketball

Train your pet rat to shoot hoops! This rat training instructional video demonstrates the steps you need to teach your pet rat this fun trick. All you need is a "basketball hoop", rat treats, a ping pong ball and an inquisitive pet rat.

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This was a great video! You did a wonderful job of explaining how to teach a rat to do a basketball trick. I've been wanting to start training my rats, and I'll definitely be trying this out.

Your rat is also VERY cute!!! :)

Great explanation! I have a female rat, Cassie, so I always LOVE these videos.

Sweet. My pet rat Dragon will love this one :)

cute! rats are smart; they pick up stuff quick. i think it would take a lot longer to train my dog to do this :-)

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