How To: Safely catch a bat

Safely catch a bat

Bats getting caught in houses is a regional problem. In general, bats are scared of humans, but they will bite when they feel cornered. The New York State Health Department produced this video to urge New Yorkers to avoid the risk of rabies and rabies treatment by capturing and submitting for laboratory testing any bat found in their home that may have come in contact with humans or pets.

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Just watched an episode of The Office where they were trying to catch a bat... They could find this video useful... (yes, I know it's just a TV show)

dwight would totally shoot this down for it's pussy-footed "humane" techniques. :regardless... i love that episode.

We used to catch them outside when they were flying around... Take a knee high nylon stocking and put some sand in it so it forms a little ball in the toe about as big around as a quarter and tie it off. Cut off the end, leaving just the ball. Find a place where the bats are flying around (street lamps are a good spot) and toss the ball up. The bats, thinking it's food will grab it and their claws get suck and they plummet to the ground. The sand, being heavier will hit the ground first, but I suggest doing this over a soft surface to lessen the impact. With leather gloves on, you can just pull them off and they are unharmed.

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